Guy avoids returning $26k that he owes girl -- then goes MIA and blocks her

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What do you do when the person you lend $26,000 to runs off with your money and goes Missing In Action (MIA)?

Well sometimes, you are lucky enough to have friends to call out that person publicly to get him to pay you back.

Stomper Abigail wrote to Stomp and shared her Facebook post recounting what had happened to her friend.

"This guy has been trying to find excuses to avoid paying back his debts," Abigail told Stomp.

"The person whom he owes happens to be a close friend of mine."

In her post, Abigail describes her friend as "too soft-hearted to do anything to harm him" but she has taken it upon herself to "warn" others about the guy, J, who borrowed the money.

She admitted that her friend was "dumb" to lend such a huge sum to someone she "barely knows".

She explained that J apparently needed money after losing his wallet while travelling in Korea and reached out to her friend for help.

"Being the ever innocent and naive girl, [she] offered to help," said Abigail.

"She was prompt when he asked to borrow money from her, and helped him when he needed."

According to the post, the guy promised Abigail's friend that he would pay her back as soon as possible but has dragged it on for months.

In screenshots attached to the post ranging from October to December, J is seen repeatedly saying he "has the money" and that he will give it to her but never seems to deliver on his promise.

It is stated in one of the screenshots that the total amount owed is $26,000, to be paid in two installments of $3,000 and $23,000. However, the amounts, $25,000 and $20,314.45 are quoted too.

The screenshots do not appear to be in chronological order.

In one exchange he even asks her, "Can you trust me one more time?"

Abigail said: "She has never ever made him feel bad for the sum of money she lent him why [does] he have to make her beg for her money in return?"

In their last exchange on Nov 28 and Nov 29, J said he would give her money back after getting back from Bangkok.

However, when she messaged him on Dec 3 after he failed to update her, only one tick appeared next to her message indicating he may have blocked her.


Abigail wrote in her post that her friend has had to borrow money from other friends and to work part-time while studying while waiting to get her money back.

"I’m tired of you breaching your empty promises to her," she said.

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