Guy allegedly runs brothels in rented flats, pays deliveryman $600 to pose as tenant

A deliveryman was arrested for allegedly committing offences under the Women’s Charter after getting paid $600 to pose as a tenant for two flats which were used for vice-related activities. 

Mr Lin, 52, told Shin Min Daily News that he and his girlfriend were about to go on a vacation in Thailand when he was stopped at Changi Airport by authorities at about 5am on Saturday (May 12).

He was then arrested and then escorted back to a police station.

Said Mr Lin:

“I did not know that I was wanted for any offences. I panicked and didn’t know what to do.

“At the police station, they told me that I had committed offences under the Women’s Charter for posing as a tenant. The actual tenant apparently used the two flats to run brothels.”

Mr Lin said that about two years ago, he met a Chinese man at a coffee shop in Geylang, and the latter told him that he could provide him with ‘quick cash’. 

He recalled:

“The man told me that he was not a Singaporean and it was hard for him to rent a place. He then stated his terms, saying that if I were to allow him to rent a place under my name, he would pay me $300 once the deal was settled.

“He contacted me again after one week and said he wanted to rent a second house, and hoped that I would be able to help him.

“I got $600 from the two deals and we have not seen each other ever since."

Mr Lin later received notifications by the police of his alleged involvement in vice-related activities, and that he was needed to assist with investigations.

He also showed reporters receipts of his air ticket purchase and hotel lodging arrangements of his impending trip to Thailand.

Mr Lin said:

“It was then I got to know that the man had operated brothels in the flats and the police arrested five women during a raid.

“Two of them were even illegal immigrants. 

“However, the places were rented under my name, so I became implicated.”

Mr Lin lamented that due to the nature of his work, he leaves his home very early every day.

As such, each time the police turned up at his home to look for him, he was not around.

A warrant was thus issued as the officers could not get in touch with him

In response to media queries, a police spokesman confirmed the case and said that investigations are ongoing.