Group who lived together in London in the 1970s looking for long-lost friend

A group of friends who lived together while studying in London in the 1970s are looking for a woman they have lost touch with.

Stomper Ee-Foong shared with Stomp that their friend, Susan Yeo, is the only one they cannot seem to find.

He said: "34 Hermitage Road is a terraced residence where we rented when we were all studying in London.

"The nearest tube station is Manor House, along the Piccadilly Line.

"The boys were in contact every now and then as we were all from Penang, Malaysia.

"During our recent reunion in Penang in July, we decided to locate all the girls.

"Through various means, we managed to locate two of the three girls but we have been unable to find Susan."

Ee-Foong said all they know of Susan is that she was from Sarawak, Malaysia and apparently had settled down in Singapore, in Braddell Heights.

"She works in the IT sector and her parents was, and the family might still be operating a petrol station business in Brunei."

Referring to a group photo taken together at their residence at Hermitage Road, Ee-Foong said: "Susan sits on the top row to the right; she is the one with the huge smile."

If you are Susan, or if you have any information about her, kindly contact Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.

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