Group of youths take bottled drinks from closed mini-mart at Tampines St 44

Submitted by Stomper Velavan 

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A group of youths were caught on camera taking bottled drinks from a closed mini-mart at Block 472 Tampines Street 44 on Dec 8.

Stomper Velavan who owns the mini-mart shared the video with Stomp to warn other shop owners in the area.

"They took about 10 bottles of soft drinks from my shop," said the Stomper in a phone interview.

According to Velavan, the youths came to the store at around 2.40am.

"We were closed that day due to a lack of manpower, usually we are open 24 hours," he added.

Since then, he has been hoping to encounter the youths to advise and warn them.

"I didn't want to report this to the police because they seem like they are still students," he said.

Watch the video below.