Group of men restrain guy and whack him during fight at Joo Chiat

A group of men were caught on video attacking another man outside a Vietnamese restaurant along Joo Chiat Road.

Several Stompers alerted Stomp to the video that has been circulating online.

Stomp understands that the incident happened on Apr 20 at around 11pm.

In the video, a man wearing black is being confronted by two men, one wearing red and one wearing white.

The two men grab the man in black by the back of his neck, in what appears to be an attempt to stop him from leaving.

The man in red then puts the man in black in a chokehold and proceeds to whack him repeatedly on the side of his head.

Subsequently, more men join the fray and start punching and kicking the man in black.

He makes an attempt to walk away from the group but is pursued by the men in white and red who take turns to run, jump and hit the man in black from behind.

It is unclear what sparked the fight.

A police spokesman informed Stomp that a police report has been lodged and police investigations are ongoing.