Group of men punch and kick guy at Golden Mile Tower

Submitted by Stomper Mike

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Update on Jan 24, 2017:

The so-called "victim" and the three other assailants were arrested on Jan 23. Read the full story here.

Original article:

A man was injured after getting attacked by a group of men at Golden Mile Tower on Jan 9 at around 12.20am.

Stomper Mike, a friend of the victim, shared footage of the incident with Stomp that was taken from a security camera.

In the video, three men are seen taking turns to hit and kick the victim as bystanders try to break up the fight.

Stomp spoke to the victim, Jonathan, in a phone interview.

He said that the men started attacking him for no reason.

"I've seen them before as they have come down to Golden Mile Tower around three times previously," said Jonathan. "They often get drunk and start creating a nuisance by throwing glasses and mics around."

"Usually, they calm down when more bottles of liquor are opened."

On the night he was attacked, Jonathan said that the men were drunk.

"They had opened three bottles of liquor among themselves," he added.

The fight was eventually broken up as more people came out to stop the men from beating Jonathan.

Following the attack, Jonathan was brought home by his friends at around 1 to 2am.

He later went to Singapore General Hospital (SGH) at 7 to 8am to have his injuries treated.

"There were bruises on my head and face and my eyes were swollen," he said.

"I also had pain in my stomach from when they kicked me in the ribs."

He added that he had also experienced giddiness and vomiting.

He informed Stomp that he made a police report yesterday (Jan 16).

"How can people beat up someone this way?" he asked.

In response to Stomp's media queries, a police spokesman said: "The Police confirm a report was lodged and investigations are ongoing."

In October last year, a man suffered serious fractures to his face after being repeatedly kicked and stomped on by a guy at Golden Mile Complex.

In November that year, two men were seen tumbling outside Golden Mile Complex in a fight.