Green substance on chicken sold at Yishun supermarket is from broken gallbladder, not mould

Submitted by Stomper Anon

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A green substance that Stomper Anon saw on chicken sold at a supermarket on Monday (Oct 15) in Yishun has been identified as fluid from a broken gallbladder.

Anon told Stomp that he visited U Stars Supermarket, located at Block 507 Yishun Avenue 4, at around 7.42pm.

He was concerned to see a green-coloured substance on several packs of fresh chicken that were being sold at the supermarket.

Anon said: "I saw it on six packets of chicken bone and three packets of chicken gizzard.

"It's my first time seeing this and the green substance looks like mould to me. Meat normally won’t have this kind of thing."

The chicken supplier, Boong Poultry, said it investigated the incident following the feedback.

A spokesman explained in a statement provided to Stomp on Thursday (Oct 18): "The poultry products we are supplying to U Stars Supermarket are daily slaughtered and processed.

"The green dirt found on the chicken is actually caused by a broken gallbladder among the offal of the chicken during processing, and the fluid of the gallbladder is green in colour.

"We regret the misunderstanding and inconvenience caused by the incident.

"We have enhanced the monitoring and quality control process to minimise the possibility of a reoccurrence."

U Stars Supermarket also told Stomp in a statement on the same day: "The chicken meat were all packed by Boong Poultry on Oct 14 and received by our Supermaket on Oct 15.

"Boong Poultry stated that the greenish substance found was from a broken green gallbladder.

"We also would like to express our sincere apologies towards the misunderstanding and disturbing concerns experienced by the reader who visited our Supermarket outlet at Yishun."

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