'Green Goblin' at Marina Bay? This hoverboard is faster than your regular mode of transport

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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If you were around the Marina Bay area over the recent F1 weekend, you might have noticed a man "flying" over the water.

A Stomper alerted Stomp to the incident and took a video of the man zipping through the air on a hoverboard on Sunday afternoon (Sep 16).

Another Stomper shared a video that was circulating online of the same mysterious 'flying man' wowing onlookers who had crowded near the water body.

Facebook users Riduan Yusoff and Elsn Ong also posted their own videos of the unusual sight.


Riduan wrote in his post: "This will be the fastest way to travel to gigs! Faster [than] river cruise, OFO bike, and e-scooter."


Netizens compared the 'flying man' to fictional supervillain Green Goblin riding on his glider.

Others questioned if what they were seeing is real.

It turns out that the videos are indeed real and not products of some clever editing.

The man who wowed onlookers at Marina Bay is Franky Zapata, a French man who invented the jet-powered hoverboard called the Flyboard Air.

He was invited to perform and showcase his invention for the F1 Singapore Grand Prix.

He briefly explained his invention and how he "flies like a superhero" in the clip below.


He also reposted a video of himself performing at night with his suit lit up with red lights.