Grandmother in China poisons neighbour’s young son due to five-year grudge

It was a plot for revenge five years in the making.

A villager in China named Liu Yuqin, 58, held a grudge against her neighbour’s family since 2012.

Five years ago, Liu’s husband, surnamed Xu, had been ordered by village officials to pay the neighbour’s family 2,000 yuan (SGD$407) compensation.

This was because he had allegedly injured one of them in a dispute that turned violent, reports South China Morning Post.

Though the issue was settled after the compensation was paid, Liu still held a grudge against her neighbours.

This grudge led Liu to poison the neighbour’s eight-year-old son in March, a Chinese court was told.

Liu had asked her granddaughter to hand the drink to the boy after lacing the bottle with rat poison.

The boy started feeling ill, and threw up when he returned home.

He did not get better and died the same morning.

Soon after, the family’s dog also died after licking some of the boy’s vomit from the floor.

This aroused the family's suspicions so they called the police.

Police then found residue of the rat poison on Liu’s fingers.

They later found that she had allegedly disposed of the poison in a river near their village.