Grand send-off for flamboyant Taiwanese entertainer Chu Ke-liang

Thousands of fans and well-wishers turned up in full force to pay their respects to flamboyant Taiwanese celebrity Chu Ke-liang yesterday (Jun 20).

He died last month at the age of 70 after battling cancer.

He was well known for his crude humour and was well-loved for incorporating Taiwanese dialects in the shows he acted in and hosted.

Notorious gangster-turned-politician Chang An-lo and legislative speaker Su Chia-chyuan were among the mourners, reports AFP.

To complement his big and colourful personality, the entrance to the funeral hall had a glittery gold sign that said, "Chu Ke-liang's farewell show'.

A grand procession led by a car covered with flowers and carrying his portrait were lion and dragon dancers, a marching band and several luxury cars.

Despite his success in his career, Chu struggled in his personal life.

He got into debt from excessive gambling and was once even shot backstage at a show venue.

He kept in hiding for 16 years from 1993 to 2009  before making his comeback.

He has five children with four wives.

His famous daughter, singer Jeannie Hsieh were estranged for a couple of years but reconciled in March this year.