Gracious bus captain passes worker plastic bag full of refreshments at Jalan Eunos bus stop

Submitted by Stomper Timothy

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A bus captain's generous act has motivated a Stomper and his daughter to be more kind as well.

Stomper Timothy shared with Stomp a video his daughter took at a bus stop along Jalan Eunos on Dec 26.

His daughter was waiting for her bus in front of Eunos Mansion when she saw the bus captain of bus service 59 with licence plate number SG3023C stop and honk at some workers working along the road nearby.

"He asked one of them to come on board to pass them some drinks in a plastic bag," he said.

"I suppose this was an act of appreciation to the workers.

"His act amazed my daughter who took this video.

"What the bus captain did was really out of the blue and his kindness should be highlighted to encourage more kindness among us."