GrabFood rider spits on ground, curses at driver who honked at him for crossing while red man is showing

Submitted by Stomper Raphael

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Raphael was turning right to Sembawang Hills Drive on July 21 when he saw a GrabFood delivery rider zoom across the pedestrian crossing despite the red man showing.

He sounded his horn at the rider who then gestured at him and spit on the ground in retaliation.

In the video, Raphael is heard asking the rider, "What's your problem? It's red light you know, can't you see?"

The rider is heard shouting about Raphael using his horn before saying "c***i" and riding off.

"The rider was unhappy I horned at him when he was in the wrong," said the Stomper.

"He gestured in an aggressive manner, spat at the ground in front of my car and used profanities.

"Spitting in public is also an offence other than running the red light and possibly using his phone while riding his e-scooter."

Raphael told Stomp he has since reported the incident to Grab.