GrabFood apologises after delivery woman hurls vulgarities and racial slur at customer

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A man had the worst birthday surprise ever thanks to a rude GrabFood delivery woman.

Facebook user Amritpal Singh shared what happened to him on his Facebook page.

On his birthday (Dec 7), his friend wanted to surprise him with a special delivery of cupcakes.

"It was a surprise for me but I indeed got a surprise," he said.

"This lady from Grab delivery came outside my house and threw the whole box of cupcakes onto my shoe rack table outside my house and started saying: 'Stupid Indian, rude keling people, don't know how to answer phone call'.

Her behaviour came as a shock to Amritpal who then asked her what the issue was.

He said she then continued to 'hurl vulgarities and racist remarks' as she walked past his corridor.

He added that her shouting caught the attention of his neighbours as well.

Angered by the encounter, he called his friend and told her what had happened.

"She told me she was working from home and received two missed calls from the delivery lady and answered the third call," he said.

"She didn't realise the phone call as she was in a meeting online via laptop.

"The delivery lady shouted at my friend and asked, 'eh what's the unit number or [you] come down collect, I got other deliveries to do'.

"My friend [calmly] told my unit number and said that the unit number has already been given in the notes and who to deliver to.

"To which the delivery lady came and threw the cupcakes on my shoe rack table."

Amritpal said that the woman used the word 'yanade' which is a slang for 'what is it'. 

He said that was fine but believes she went overboard when she texted: "Dah keling... keling jugak nak suruh kita call."

"Keling is a racial slur that is derogatory, insulting and downright racist," Amritpal explained.

"It's like using the N-word."

He then ended his post demanding an apology from the woman or Grab and saying he would make a police report if he did not receive one.

He added that he resorted to posting about the incident on Facebook because after reaching out to Grab via the in-app chat and helpline, he was told they could not help him with this issue.

In the post's comments, a Grab spokesman apologised to Amritpal for the unpleasant experience and said that "necessary steps will be taken to address this".

Many netizens sympathised with Amritpal and one netizen said that she also had encountered the same woman who allegedly called her 'stupid' after struggling to find her workplace.