Grab visits couple after wife delivers baby in GrabCar: "Moaned in pain like an angry ogre"

Grab told Stomp that they visited couple Nur Syazwani Muhammad Rosdi and Kamarulnizam Kiman on Friday (Aug 23) after they became parents to a baby girl in Grab driver Mr Chia's car on Aug 7.

It was previously reported that Ms Syazwani was experiencing "sporadic contractions that were slowly getting frequent and stronger". She was then told to head to Thomson Medical Centre (TCM) that afternoon.

Ms Syazwani wanted to go through labour at home but was unable to bear with pain anymore, so she told her husband to book a Grab ride to TCM at about 5pm. 

The couple was not even halfway into their journey when Ms Syazwani delivered her baby.

She said in her post: "I moaned in pain like an angry ogre that missed its dinner."

In response to a Stomp query, a Grab spokesman said: "The team visited Syazwani and Kamarulnizam's home this morning to congratulate the family, and presented them with Grab ride and GrabFood vouchers worth $8,000, along with a GrabBaby onesie."

Mia Ariella Adhwin'a is Singapore's fifth GrabBaby. 

Ms Syazwani said: “We really enjoy using Grab, and often ordered GrabFood during the time I was expecting. We remain grateful that we boarded Mr. Chia’s ride, where he ensured we had a smooth and safe journey to the hospital.

"We are also glad to hear that Grab will be giving Mr. Chia fuel vouchers worth $500.”

The Head of Transport for Grab Singapore, Andrew Chan, said: “We are really excited to meet Mia, and glad that she arrived happy and healthy.

"We would like to express our sincere congratulations to Wani and Kamal.

"Kudos also to our driver-partner, Mr Chia, for his commendable composure and ensured that the family reach the hospital safely."