Grab says agent who 'scolded' passenger who accidentally left belongings in car is 'no longer with us'

Submitted by Stomper Rica

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A Grab agent who was rude and 'scolded' a passenger who had accidentally left her belongings in a Grab driver's car is no longer working with the company, Grab said in a statement to Stomp.

Stomper Rica shared with Stomp screenshots after turning to Grab's customer support regarding the belongings she had left in the car on December 14.

"I reached my destination at 11.15am and it was raining," she said.

"The driver drove off before I could reach my stuff in the trunk.

"I tried to run and wave at the car but to no avail."

Rica told Stomp she then called the customer support line four times but received "no follow-up".

"Every time I called, they asked for the same details and it happened again and again.

"I tried their chat support and this is the reply I got.

"It's unacceptably rude.

"I’ll take Gojek next time, I guess."

When Rica asked for an update, the agent said in a reprimanding tone: "First of all, it's whose fault that left own belonging in the car (sic)."

When Rica explained that the driver drove off before she could reach the trunk, the agent went on to say:

"You lost your belonging in the car and we as a customer service we are still helping you out to check with the driver and I had kept repeating mention to you to stay on the chat while I'm checking on it but you are not being patiently waiting in the chat (sic)."

The agent then gave Rica the driver's number and told her to call him and make an appointment with him.

They also instructed her to "reward" the driver and recommended $10 to compensate him for his time.

When Rica contacted the driver he charged her $20 for the return of her items.

In response to a Stomp query, a Grab spokesman said: "We apologise for the frustrating customer support experience our passenger had.

"The agent had breached Grab's code of conduct and standard operating procedure and had also received a prior warning, and is no longer with us.

"Our driver-partner has acknowledged his negligence and requested to provide a full refund of the compensation amount to the passenger.

"We are committed to upholding high standards of service on our platform so that all our users can have an enjoyable experience."