Grab rider rams into pedestrian from behind, says he rang bell and she should have moved

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A Grab delivery rider and a pedestrian got into an argument following a collision at a sheltered walkway.

A video of their verbal spat was posted on Facebook on Sunday (Apr 10), though it is unclear when and where exactly the incident occurred.

According to the Facebook post, the Grab deliveryman had rammed into the woman from behind but remained unapologetic.

The heated exchange begins with the woman confronting the Grab rider for "banging" into her. However, the rider responds, "I already ring the bell, right?"

The woman retorts, "No, you ring bell but you cannot bang into me."

However, the rider repeatedly says, "Did I ring the bell?" despite the woman's protests. He also adds, "Then if I ring the bell, you need to move!"

The woman argues, "No! Why you, I mean, why, you should, ask her move!"

The rider then says, "But she already that side!" and the woman replies, "But I already here!"

The video ends with the man shaking his head and riding off.

Many netizens slammed the Grab rider and said ringing his bell does not mean that he was entitled to the right of way. Some also urged the woman to make a police report.