Grab driver posts about accident on FB group, and is told to claim medical insurance despite not being injured

Submitted by Stomper Julie

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Stomper Julie alerted Stomp to a post in Facebook group Uber/Grab SG Partners involving netizens giving questionable advice to a Grab driver who had gotten into an accident.

In a screenshot the Stomper sent, the netizen who got into the accident said that his car was hit from behind at the entrance of the zoo in Mandai.

He had jammed on his brakes at a traffic junction as the lights turned from amber to red just before the accident took place.

He went on to explain that the other driver agreed to settle the matter privately.

At the end of the post, the driver who got hit asked for advice on the course of action he should pursue next.

In another screenshot showing responses to the driver's query, a netizen said he could help the driver claim money for medical bills.

The latter responded by saying that he had sustained no injuries.

Another netizen weighed in on the issue, questionably suggesting that the driver fake an injury.

Read the comment:

"Can drama wayang a bit. Can earn more free money you don't want. Nowadays everything is not free you know."

The netizen who made the initial comment responded again, saying to the driver:

"All claim from insurance so why worry?"

The Stomper was concerned at the feedback the driver received.

She elaborated:

"Some of the netizens there asked him (the driver) to claim injury even after the he told them he was not injured. 

"One driver even told him why worry when it's only the insurance paying out. 

"Isn't this insurance fraud claiming for something that is not there? 

"How would they feel if someone else did it to them?"