Grab delivery rider hurt after PAB skids in Queenstown, grateful to passers-by who help him

Submitted by Stomper Peter

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While the recent wet weather may have been an inconvenience for some, it can be downright hazardous for those who have to work outdoors.

Stomper Peter, who is a Grab rider, suffered injuries after his power-assisted bicycle (PAB) skidded on the slick road surface while he was making a delivery in Queenstown on the evening of Feb 4.

"It happened as I was turning out to the main road from Block 82 Commonwealth Close," said the Stomper, who shared photos of minor wounds on his hand, knee and foot.

"I didn't get a chance to thank the passers-by and driver who helped me push my PAB to the side and helped me get up on my feet."

Stomp previously reported that Peter suffered a spinal cord injury in the neck and a knee injury after his PAB skidded at Redhill in September last year.

He was hospitalised in Singapore General Hospital and was given 36 days of medical leave after being discharged.