Gorgeous rainbow greets Singapore on Friday morning

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Singaporeans awakened to a beautiful rainbow on Friday morning (June 12).

Several Stompers shared photos of the breathtaking sight that they captured from various locations in our Lion City.

Stomper Joyce took several pictures and a video of the rainbow from her balcony at Spottiswoode Park in Tanjong Pagar at around 9.11am.

Joyce said: "It rained at 8:25am this morning. It felt awesome and wonderful to see the rainbow. It reminded me of God's promise to mankind."

Stompers Lim and K also shared similar sightings.

(Photo: Stomper Lim)

(Photo: Stomper K)

Stomper K, who saw the rainbow from her balcony at Kallang Trivista, said: "Not matter how bad a storm is, there is always a beautiful new beginning when the sun shines."

Stunning skies and rainbows have been frequently sighted in Singapore recently.

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