Good that the elderly can travel around on PMDs, but they need to be educated on road safety: Stomper

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Stomper Jeanne feels that there is a need to educate elderly people on road safety, particularly when it comes to those who use personal mobility devices (PMDs).

She acknowledged the benefits that a PMD can bring to senior citizens, such as helping them to travel around freely, but noticed that these elderly users tend to behave recklessly on the road.

Jeanne said: "Lately, we read a lot about young people causing accidents on PMDs. But we should not forget about the elderly as well.

"In my area in Khatib, I see a lot of seniors using PMDs, which is good as it gives them the freedom to be independent.

"However, they also use their PMDs like cars, going on the roads and flouting road safety rules.

"I find it really dangerous as they just cut and swerve at turns and junctions, and they just look like accidents waiting to happen.

"Nobody dares to say anything but just shake their heads as these elderly PMD users zoom past."

Jeanne also shared a picture of an uncle on a PMD, which she captured along Yishun Ring Road at around 6.30pm on Saturday (Aug 3).

The Stomper added: "There were oncoming cars (not pictured) as this elderly man unsteadily zoomed across the road."

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