Good Samaritans help driver after large tree branch falls on lorry at Edgedale Plains

Submitted by Stomper Radee

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It is always heartening to see helpful citizens and a wholesome community spirit.

Stomper Radee informed Stomp that he saw many Good Samaritans help a driver move a large tree branch out of the way after it fell onto his lorry at Edgedale Plains on Tuesday (Sep 15) at around 9pm.

Radee also sent a link to his Facebook post, which included details of what happened that evening.


Can't remember the exact time but it should be minutes past 9pm. Was watching TV with my family when the silence was...

Posted by Radee Ibrahim on Tuesday, September 15, 2020

He shared in his post that he was watching television with his family when "the silence was broken by a loud bang".

When he went to check out what happened, she realised that a large tree branch had fallen onto a lorry and that the lorry driver and his passenger were having trouble moving it out of the way.

"Soon, some of the bystanders and even a FoodPanda rider stepped forward. After assessing the situation and the position of the branch, we came up with a plan to pull it out to the road and shift it to the side on the pavement," Radee added in his post.

In the video that Radee shared on Facebook, the kind citizens can be seen working together to move the large tree branch to the side of the road.

When asked how he felt about the incident, Radee shared that it was nice to see such "community spirit".