Gojek user upset to waste 9 minutes waiting for driver who then cancels booking

Submitted by Stomper Lawman

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As they say, time is money.

A Gojek user is upset that a driver made him wait nine minutes for his ride only to cancel the booking.

Stomper Lawman said that it happened on March 22 at around 10pm.

He recounted: "I got a ride to go back home and was asked to wait for nine minutes.

"I tried calling the driver after seeing on the app that his car was stationary for a few minutes. I also sent a text through the Gojek app, but the text record had been deleted away by Gojek after the driver cancelled the booking and I had to wait for another ride."

The Stomper contacted Gojek and shared a screenshot of the company's reply.

Gojek said: "We are sorry to hear that you recently had a poor experience with a driver-partner. We take all complaints seriously and want to assure you that we are investigating this matter further.

"Regarding your specific issue with the driver's cancellation, we apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Drivers-partners are expected to fulfill all of their commitments and provide reliable transportation to our customers.

"We regret to inform you that we are unable to provide compensation but rest assured that this will reach the relevant team that comes up with driver-partner-related feedback, to make the necessary improvements on delivering a better experience on our platform.

"Also, there was no cancellation fee charged on your account and be assured that you will not be charged the trip fare if the trip is cancelled. Any charges to you should also have been reversed."

Sharing a screenshot of similar complaints on Gojek Singapore's Facebook page, the Stomper said: "You can see I am not the only one suffering from irresponsible acts by drivers on these platforms."

He added: "When the user is late or cancels an order after a specific time, we are fined. But when a driver is late or cancels the order, the user gets nothing.

"Gojek came up with a new service called RideShield where the user pays 30 cents to get a $5 voucher only when the driver is 10 minutes late. No matter what, the user is on the losing end."

Stomp has contacted Gojek for more info.