Gojek passenger gives wrong destination, but refuses to cancel due to $4 fee

Submitted by Stomper S

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A woman booked a Gojek ride but unknowingly had the same address for both her pick-up point and destination.

However, she refused to cancel the ride as it would incur a $4 cancellation fee.

Stomper S, the Gojek driver, was frustrated as it would affect her performance if she cancelled the ride on her end instead.

Screenshots shared by S show how the passenger made a booking with TripleOne Somerset as both the pick-up and drop-off points on Wednesday (April 7).

The passenger admitted that it was a mistake, but said she "cannot cancel" as she did not want to be charged the $4 cancellation fee.

She asked S to "please cancel me" and insisted that she would not be paying the fee, despite S trying to explain.

S told Stomp: "I had no choice but to cancel.

"I just want to highlight this to anyone who are passengers that they should pay cancellation fees when necessary."

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