Going to JB? You'll need a lot of skill to navigate this 'nasty' carpark

If you are heading to Johor Bahru, Malaysia, for some cheap shopping, you might want to watch out for what has been dubbed one of the nastiest carparks ever.

This five-storey carpark is located at Paradigm Mall, which recently re-opened its doors in late November after being abandoned for 20 years.

And while the mall, which is larger than Singapore's VivoCity, has drawn droves of visitors, its carpark has garnered significant attention for being notoriously challenging to navigate too.

Videos posted online show how the journey up the carpark is a continuous steep slope.

Narrow roads and tight bends also mean that drivers have to keep stopping mid-way to avoid getting their vehicles scratched.

A clip posted on Facebook was accompanied by a caption that said: "The parking area is so nasty. Those car with no power or manual, you all need the skills man to go up the carpark!

Adding on to motorists' woes are how some parts of the carpark are not well-lit.

A vlogger on YouTube also said that she was unable to find a parking lot even after 30 minutes of perilous navigation.