Glass panel from kitchen stove "explodes and shatters into smithereens" shortly after being used

Submitted by Stomper Deborah

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Update on Nov 6:

The Stomper was given a replacement within two hours of reporting the matter.

Read the full update here: Stomper gets replacement for shattered glass hob within 2 hours of report -- but remains worried

Original article:

Stomper Deborah was shocked when her glass-top gas stove "exploded and shattered" into pieces on Sunday (Nov 4).

Deborah told Stomp that she was in her bedroom when she heard a loud crack.

"My maid had been cooking lunch before it happened," she said.

"She had just entered the toilet when the glass exploded and fragments flew around the kitchen.

"Thankfully, no one was in the kitchen when it shattered.

"I can't imagine if my children were in the kitchen.

"The glass could have hurt them badly or even entered their eyes."

Deborah has a three-year-old daughter and three-month-old son. She said that her daughter often enters the kitchen but fortunately, had not gone in that day.

"It was a frightening experience!"

Deborah added that the glass fragments flung to all corners of the kitchen and near food that her maid had prepared and left on the counter.

"We didn't see any big pieces in the food but we didn't dare eat it as we were scared little bits might have landed on the dishes," she said.

"It's so wasted and we were so hungry but didn't dare to risk it."

Since the stove shattered, Deborah and her family have not been able to cook.

She is especially disappointed because tomorrow is Deepavali (Nov 6) and she cannot whip up a feast to celebrate.

"Tomorrow's Deepavali and we have a family celebration but now we are stuck," she said.

"This has spoilt Deepavali for us."

Deborah has since complained of the incident to Otimmo, the maker of her glass-top stove.

She said that she had it installed only last November and was told that the glass was supposed to have a lifetime guarantee.

Deborah said she had an issue with one of the burners on the stove previously and a technician had come to replace it in July.

"I want to share my experience because people shouldn't take for granted that glass stoves are safe," she said.

"They should be informed that this kind of thing can happen."

In a similar incident in February last year, a Pasir Ris resident's Turbo Italia kitchen hob shattered while she was boiling meat.