Girl who said GrabHitch driver pulled her skirt responds to netizens who accuse her of lying

An 18-year-old girl, Shanie Tan, who claimed that a GrabHitch driver pulled her skirt and exposed her underwear, has posted an update on her blog in response to some netizens' claims that she was lying. 

Shanie alleged the driver had tugged on her skirt on Feb 28 after insisting that she pay an extra $2 for an Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) surcharge, which he could not deduct from her credit card.

A police report was subsequently filed. 

However, in an update on Shanie’s blog, she said that she has decided to not to press charges. 

In her reply, Shanie cited that the legal processes were time-consuming, and her mother had advised her to let the matter rest, as the driver was a single parent.

Apparently, Shanie and her mother came to know about the driver’s circumstances after getting told by reporters during an interview. 

She added:
“Even though I still feel mad when I think about it, but I still pray for the best hoping that being nice this time would call for no future attempts like that.

“I strongly urge for girls to always report such incidents to relevant authorities and do not be afraid to voice out to those that concerns. 

“And I’m very glad that the GH community seems much more organised & friendlier now.”

In her blog, Shanie also advised other female passengers on what to do should they find themselves in a similar situation. 

She said:

“Even though it seems almost impossible to remain calm after such incidents (I actually cried on the spot), call your parents/kin to share with them before reporting to the police (it will calm u down better). 

“But make sure you are standing at a safe spot with more people around you. 

“When my incident happened, there were two valet uncle nearby. 

“Even though they did not come over to render any help needed, I’m still thankful that they told the police the truth when they were doing their statements.

“I’m thankful that I’m from Singapore with such strict laws that are able to protect us all.”