Girl who brought cat with wound at Greenridge Shopping Centre to vet appeals for help

Submitted by Stomper Adlyn

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Stomper Adlyn wrote in to Stomp to clarify that a cat that was found at Greenridge Shopping Centre is receiving treatment for a wound.

Stomper Kelvin had previously written in to Stomp after being concerned upon spotting the cat at the shopping mall.

He wondered why the cat had a wound and a missing patch of hair.

Adlyn responded Stomp to say that she had brought the cat to the vet and that it was receiving treatment for a pus-filled wound.

She added that the vet believed that the wound was probably from a fight with another cat.

Said Adlyn:

"On July 8 I brought her (the cat) to the 24-hour vet at Companion Animal Clinic at Boon Teck Road where she received treatment.

"The doctor initially wanted me to feed her medicine daily. She was instead given two injections for antibiotics and medication that can last two weeks.

"She was given a wash and antibiotic cream to be applied two times a day.

"As I cannot commit to twice daily, can someone share the commitment too? I can only apply the medicine for her in the evening.

"The doctor said she had an infection possibly from a fight with another cat.

"I did not take any receipt from the clinic because I feel that there is no point to claim from anyone.

"If any of you want to check on this you can call the clinic.

"I named her Sweetie."

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