Girl left severely disfigured by fire -- can now smile again

A fire in her Kuching rental apartment 13 years ago left Elizabeth Elida Edward, who just two years old then, disfigured and crippled.

Hospitalised for more than six months, Elizabeth has since been in and out of hospitals her entire life, even having to don a mask whenever she went out.

Now 15, Elizabeth may finally be able to discard the mask, thanks to the Hallym Burn Foundation, reports The Star and The Straits Times

The foundation which helps survivors with burn scars has been providing free medical treatment to Elizabeth for almost two months.

Elizabeth’s mother, Madam Murni, said:

“When she was little, she used to have to wear a mask whenever she went out.

“People were always confused about her gender because of the mask, so I started calling her Girl. 

“It has stuck as her nickname ever since.”

The results have been evident, confirmed Elizabeth herself.

Her hands had become deformed from the fire, while her left foot was disfigured which often caused her pain and made school attendance impossible.

However, it is easier for her to walk now, even if she tires occasionally, she said.

Elizabeth went back to school in the middle of September and will be sitting for her first PT3, or Form 3 paper. 

She said:

“I was excited to be in school and to prepare for my PT3 trials.”

When asked how she felt about school, the optimistic girl said:

“I love to go to school, but I don’t have many friends there.”

A budding writer and lover of the arts, Elizabeth told reporters that she harbours hopes of becoming a lawyer or novelist when she is older. 

She added:

“I love to write.

“I write short stories and read stories online.”

Watch the inspiring story of Elizabeth in the videos below.