Girl complains about being asked to leave for studying at Starbucks... but gets burned by netizens


Starbucks responded to the girl's post at 2.06pm today (Sep 3).

They wrote:

"Starbucks welcomes all customers and looks to find the right balance between freeing up seats for everyone's use while making sure everyone can linger and enjoy their Starbucks experience in the way that works best for each individual. In this case, we should have managed it better and we sincerely apologize for that. We will be in touch via PM to hear more about your visit.

"We've also noticed the reactions within this post and also through previous feedback about table turn in Starbucks. We encourage all patrons to share the space so that everyone can enjoy their visit. Finally, we would like to ask for your consideration to share your thoughts and comments with respect and refrain from offensive personal attacks on [the girl] or any other member of our community. Thank you."

Original article:

A student took to Facebook to complain about how she was asked to leave one of the outlets she was studying at only to have it backfire on her.

She wrote on Starbucks' Facebook page asking," Where has The Starbucks Experience gone?"

She wrote:

"Today I was asked by a Starbucks waiter to leave while I was working on an assignment there. I was there for only less than an hour and yet to finish my drink. It was an unpleasant and embarrassing experience. There are many better ways to do this. But what I have experienced today was definitely one of the worst."

She probably could not have anticipated the backlash her post received with the majority of the close to 800 comments slamming her for being "self-entitled".

The post also earned over 880 reactions and 286 shares since it was published on Sep 1.

Rycel Wong wrote: "You are precisely the reason that deprive other customers from enjoying the Starbucks Experience. Still got the cheek to ask...go study corner la!"

MrEddietan chimed in: "And btw to all pests studying at Starbucks, why don't you do us customers a favour and go [to] a magical studying place called, "THE LIBRARY" yea? Have you heard of it? Yea [it's] a place for people who want to S.T.U.D.Y."

Many of the netizens praised Starbucks for making an effort to ask students to leave to make space for patrons who wanted to enjoy a drink.

Pearson Wu wrote:

"The Starbucks experience is to drink coffee and talk with your friends and chill there.

"Not a place for you to study and take up an entire table with just a 6.40 cup of [cappuccino] for over an hour."

Check out the post and some of the comments in the gallery above.