Girl, 7, stocks 'Care and Share' corner with necessities for residents -- using her own savings

Submitted by Stomper Jmaleni

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Do you have any exciting plans now that the June holidays are here?

A Primary 1 girl has embarked on an inspiring passion project in hopes of giving back to the community and helping the less fortunate.

Stomper Jmaleni shared how she and her daughter, Shakthi, have set up a 'Care and Share' corner at Block 170 Bukit Batok West Avenue 8.

Shakthi's Care and Share corner will be at the block from June 1 to June 30.

It is stocked with essential items such as canned food, instant noodles and snacks, which residents can help themselves to.

Jmaleni told Stomp how the heartwarming initiative, which aims to help the needy get through difficult times, first came about.

She said: "My daughter's school, Lianhua Primary, has an ongoing project called Project Smile, which gives out bags of provisions to less fortunate children.

"During the June holidays, my daughter was required to do a project based on her passion. Many children chose dancing, singing and art, but my daughter chose to give back to society."

Shakthi, who turns seven years old in August, had started the project with her own funds.

"Initially, Shakthi parted with her own savings to buy the items for the Care and Share corner," said her mother.

"Her school volunteers who run Project Smile then came forward to help her with biscuits tins.

"Now we have various people who just come and leave things at our corner and contribute because they want to keep the project going."

Response to the initiative has been positive, added Jmaleni.

She told Stomp: "We restock once every three days. Our table started off very humbly. Now it's always full and filled."

Jmaleni is also heartened by her daughter's heart of gold.

She said: "Shakthi has made us very proud as her parents. She has validated our way of upbringing. We have always taught her that it's most important to be kind than anything else.

"Whenever anyone says that she has the heart of giving, it makes us swell with pride."

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