Girl, 10, called "The Legend" after skating 54km for Singapore's 54th National Day

Submitted by Stomper Jeffrey

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In honour of Singapore's 54th National Day (Aug 9), a group of skating enthusiasts decided to challenge themselves and skate 54km around the island.

Stomper Jeffrey shared group photos taken during the event and highlighted how proud he was of 10-year-old Avani for completing the route.

"The event was organised by this skating group called Freewheelers and I invited Avani and her dad Naveen to join too," he said.

"We started in Boon Keng and went up to East Coast Park, then Changi Village and Punggol Waterway before skating to Serangoon and back to Boon Keng."

The group started their route at 4.30pm and ended at 11.30pm, including breaks and pit-stops.

Jeffrey told Stomp he was "astounded" and proud of Avani for completing the daunting skate.

"If you ask any 10-year-old to do 54km, I don't think anyone will say yes," he said.

"I was so proud of her, everyone was.

"Everyone wanted to take a photo with her.

"We called her The Legend.

"It was the first time anyone had seen someone that young skate more than even 21km."