Gigantic monitor lizard greets passers-by at Punggol Park Connector

Submitted by Stomper Jervis

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Stomper Jervis came across a gigantic monitor lizard while cycling at Punggol Park Connector.

According to the Stomper, the monitor lizard was in the middle of the pavement and was obstructing the path of passers-by and cyclists.

"There were other cyclists who had to avoid the monitor lizard as it was in the middle of the pavement," said the Stomper.

The monitor lizard ran off after cyclists cycled close to it and it escaped into the nearby forest.

The Stomper managed to record a video of the huge reptile at the outskirts of the forest.

Adding that he was worried, he told Stomp, "I'm scared that when I'm cycling halfway along the park connector in the future, a monitor lizard will run out."