Gigantic grouper caught and sold for $2,560 in Malaysia, to end up as fish bee hoon soup

A Malaysian fisherman who managed to catch a 152kg giant grouper, sold the fish for RM7,600 ($2,560) at Cecil Street Market in George Town, Penang on Wednesday (July 18).

However, when asked where he managed to catch this monster, he kept his answers vague.

"North," he said. "It was caught in the north".

This is not the first time Khor Swee Boon, 48, has made a huge catch.

In January 2015, he hauled up a 200kg fish that sold for RM11,000 ($3,666) that he said he had caught in Kedah waters north of Teluk Bahang, reports The Star.

It is suspected that Khor's secret spots for his big catches is a shipwreck.

There are reportedly around 20 shipwrecks around Penang including one nicknamed "Kapal Besar" or Big Ship in Malay, several hours' boat ride from Teluk Bahang.

It is a cargo ship that sunk in the early 1960s and has become an ecosystem for much aquatic life, including giant groupers.

Anglers are known to catch giant groupers weighing tens of kilos each at this wreck.

But what will happen to Khor's latest catch?

It will end up as fish bee hoon soup in Weld Quay's Ka Bee Cafe, the same has his previous catches.

The cafe owner, Chew Kean ghee, 46, says that he expects to make 500 bowls of bee hoon soup.

The fish's liver, maw and belly will be served as sweetbread.

Chew started selling bowls of noodle soup on Wednesday at RM18 (with fish meat) and RM23 (with fish head).