'Giant toddler' spotted riding trolley at Giant Supermarket in VivoCity

Submitted by Stomper John

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A young man in a cap was spotted riding in a trolley, while a female companion pushed him around, at Giant Supermarket in VivoCity yesterday (Aug 6) at around 7.40pm. 

Stomper John who was shopping noticed the group — the man in the trolley, along with another man in white and a woman in grey — as they were laughing and talking loudly.

According to John, the woman also raced the man in the trolley down the aisles for a while. 

Said John:

"The man and his companions look like they were in their early twenties. They are not teenagers anymore, yet they act in such an irresponsible manner.

"Not only did they block the aisles, but the young man somehow squeezed into the trolley with his shoes on. That is really unhygienic for customers."