Giant supermarket in Hougang undergoes 'high-level disinfection' after rat seen munching on corn

Update on July 22:

No rat infestation at Hougang Ave 8, retailers should maintain proper housekeeping of food products: Town council

Original article:

A rat was spotted helping itself to some corn at Giant supermarket in Hougang Village.

Instagram page Sgfollowsall posted a video of the incident that occurred at the Giant Express store at Block 683 Hougang Avenue 8.

In the video, a rat can be seen munching on a corn cob in a basket. The basket was part of a shelf outside the supermarket.

Netizens have expressed a variety of reactions, from amusement to disgust.

One said: "Wah wah wah. Free buffet for mr rat hah."

Another user commented: "Ratatouille facing economic crisis as well. They can't find chicken scrap/bones in the bin hence had to go vegetarian."

A resident, who noted that rats are a common sighting in the area, shared the nuisance and damage that they have caused.

In response to a TNP query, a spokesman for DFI Retail Group, which owns Giant, said: "We are aware of the ongoing rodent issue in the Hougang area, which has resulted in this incident taking place outside our store.

"As a responsible food retailer and member of the community, we have notified the Ang Mo Kio Town Council of the ongoing rodent issue in the area and are keen to work collaboratively together to mitigate the issue."

The health and safety of customers remains a top priority at Giant, said the spokesman, who added: "We continue to be vigilant in our own checks, as well as taking all possible measures to avoid incidents of this nature in the future.

"We have also been proactive in contacting the Ang Mo Kio Town Council in recent months to highlight the ongoing rodent issue and look forward to their support and partnership in helping to eradicate it.

"We have, and have always had, a robust housekeeping programme in place to ensure that food is stored correctly, however, following this isolated incident we have decided to move some of our vegetable displays indoors with team members also stepping up inspections of our storefronts.

"With health and safety being a top priority for us at Giant, we conduct regular intensive rodent treatment programmes to address the external issue in the Hougang area.

"Following this incident, customers can be reassured that the store has undergone a high-level disinfection, and we have stepped up routine inspections to uphold our own strict health and safety standards.

"We strongly feel that this is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately and are keen to work together with the Ang Mo Kio Town Council and other residents to mitigate this issue together.”

Stomp has contacted Ang Mo Kio Town Council for more info.