'Ghost' taxi crashes through barrier, nearly hits passers-by -- before smashing into bicycles

Submitted by Stomper tuberdudem

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It was an unlucky day for a TransCab driver when his taxi rammed through a carpark barrier near Mustafa Centre on Aug 29, before crashing into several bicycles -- without him inside. 

Stomper tuberdudem witnessed the incident, which occurred at around 12.56pm, and sent a video to Stomp.

He said: "This 'ghost' taxi crashed through the carpark gantry barrier and smashed into bicycles yesterday afternoon, off Verdun Road.

"The taxi driver was topping up his CashCard at that time with his door open, but the cab was stationary near the barrier."

In the video, the taxi can be seen crashing through the barrier arm without stopping, nearly hitting two male passersby who were walking down the street.

Fortunately, the two men reacted in time, stepping back and up onto the pavement while the taxi collided into several parked bicycles.

The taxi driver, who was not in his vehicle when the crash occurred, then went to move the gantry barrier arm back into place.

He also entered his cab and reversed it back onto the road, before alighting again to inspect the scene and eventually driving away.

No one appeared to have been hurt in the accident.