Getting your daily dose of inspiration on Stomp has never been this easy

Stomp believes in recognising and lauding inspiring acts, heartwarming deeds as well as everyday heroes whom we should all learn from.

Our 'Get Inspired' section showcases the many positive experiences that Stompers have come across and other touching happenings from around the world.

These stories about honest taxi drivers, kind service staff, knights in shining armour and more will no doubt put a smile on your face.

Don't forget to check out our brand new 'Stomp Gets Things Done' section too.

It highlights how Stomp has used its extensive social media reach and strong branding as a breaking news website to make a difference to its readers and contributors' lives.

Examples include reuniting people with loved ones and prized belongings, deterring crime, getting authorities to act, spreading positivity and rallying the community for a good cause.

To further celebrate such positivity, stories under the 'Get Inspired' and 'Stomp Gets Things Done' section will now be marked with badges.

This will also make it easier for those looking for their daily dose of inspiration to identify related stories.

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