Woman delivers leftover Starbucks pastries and snacks to delighted foreign workers

A woman took the opportunity to spread a little kindness today when she saw counter staff at the Singapore Polytechnic Starbucks clearing away food before closing.

The owner of Facebook community page Itsrainingraincoats shared details of her kind deed online.

She asked the Starbucks staff if they would let her take away the food they were clearing for migrant workers and they kindly agreed.

They handed her two bags of warmed up pastries, muffins and sandwiches.

She then found two workers down the road from where she was.

It made her happy to see them enjoying the food on the pavement so much so that she has resolved to try and do this every Saturday at 4pm, the closing time for that particular Starbucks.

She also urged everyone to try it too.

She wrote:

"Any of you who are at a food-bearing venue near closing time, do try it because ‪#‎itfeelsgoodtodogood‬."