Why my dad is the greatest father in this world: Read Stomper's touching tribute

Stomper Yilin has penned a heartwarming tribute to her dad for Father's Day as well as shared what makes him so great.

She also recounted the many valuable lessons that he has taught her ever since she was young.

In her touching post, she wrote:

"My dad is the greatest Dad in the world because he listens tirelessly, works harder than anyone around him and is full of life and optimism.

"My dad's advice to me growing up was, "If you have something good to say, say it, If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything."

"This stood me well throughout my growing up years.

"I asked my Dad, 'How do you stay so nice and yet climb the corporate ladder?' 'Hard work,' he said.

"He arrived at the office earlier than others and left only after his last staff did.

"He saved a lot eating almost the same things for lunch everyday -- mixed vegetables and rice.

"He looked after 150 people in his company and I have never seen him use harsh words, punishment or threats in any negotiation. He would always use positivity!

"After all these years, his secret is just to empathize and smile! Simple words that work magic.

"I want to share his magic with others because I believe unconditional love, a forgiving nature and nurturing words are what makes our worlds go round!

"Here's kudos to you, Dad! WE LOVE YOU AND you're the best Father in the world!! <3<3<3<3<3"