Watch how drivers react when stranger puts parking coupons to save them from 'saman uncle'

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Motoring community portal recently embarked on an unusual initiative to see how drivers in Singapore would react to kindness from a complete stranger.

On Friday (April 28), commemorated Pay It Forward Day by helping drivers to extend their 'just-expired' parking coupons.

They did so by placing new coupons on the cars thus preventing the drivers from being issued any warnings or summonses.

A parking enforcement officer even asks the girl who was putting the coupons why she was doing so.

She responds by explaining that these drivers are only a few minutes away from getting a summons, which was why she was helping them.

Most drivers who saw the coupons were pleasantly surprised.

All of them even stated that they would do something similar in future, to pass on such kindness. said in its post:

"Pay It Forward Day encourages people to promote community spirit through intentional acts of kindness.

"Together, we can make a difference by creating positive change in our community and the world, one good deed at a time."