This Pokemon GO player's heartwarming stories about bringing joy into kids' lives will brighten your day

The Pokemon Go craze in Singapore has brought attention to massive crowds chasing rare pokemons but a player has shared stories that go beyond the game.

Facebook user Bryen Yap shared three heartwarming experiences he encountered in the Pokemon Go Singapore Facebook group.

In his first story, he recounted coming across an old man in a wheelchair at a pokestop who had bought lures for children playing there.

Seeing how the four children were sharing just one phone to play the game, he helped them enjoy the game better by visiting other nearby pokestops on his bike with their phone to collect items like pokeballs.

He also shared a story about how he saw a man help a small girl reunite with her parents after getting swept away by a crowd at Marina Bay Sands chasing a rare Kabutops

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His last story recounted how he met a pair of brothers playing Pokemon Go at MBS as well.

The younger brother was playing and had his screen mirrored onto the tablet his older brother, who was wheelchair-bound, was using to make it feel like he was the one catching the Pokemon himself.

When a nearby crowd made a commotion about Pikachu, Bryen took it upon himself to take the younger brother's phone to quickly catch the popular pokemon for the brothers.

Bryen's stories touched the hearts of several citizens who praised him for bringing joy into these kids' lives.

Check out the gallery above for the full stories and read the Facebook post here.