Thank you! Woman grateful to SMRT staff who helped her when she had back pain -- and even sent her home

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A woman was incredibly touched with SMRT's thoughtfulness when she was experiencing some difficulty walking on Thursday (July 7)

Stomper Ms Choo Suay Moon shared her experience with Stomp, and expressed that she was surprised by their incredible service.

She recounted:

"On 7 July 2016 at about 1620hrs after my back treatment, I tried with the help of a passer-by to hail a taxi at Holland Village.  After numerous failed attempts I finally decided to take a train which is my usual mode of transport. 

"I took a train from Holland Village to Bishan.  It was an arduous journey inching my way to the Bishan interchange NS Line.  I was grimacing and at the same time enduring the pain at my back as I walked.  

"Suddenly an SMRT officer approached me to enquire if I needed assistance.  I broke out in tears of joy and pain.  At that moment, nothing is more welcoming for me!  Mr Robin Ho (ASM) of CBSH contacted SM Mr Govindarajoo (CBSH) who came with a wheelchair to ferry me to the Bishan NSL station. 

"At the Bishan station SA Ms Rubiah (Bishan) was waiting for me at the elevator landing to assist me into the NSL train and secure me a seat to Khartib.

"When I reached the Khartib station a Malay lady passenger (a gracious lady) offered to assist me home at Khartib.  To our surprise when the train door opened we saw Mr Lee (KTB)  and Ms Selvi (KTB) waiting at the train door entrance with a wheelchair.  Both Ms Selvi and Mr Lee insisted to have their colleague Mr Ramy to ferry me to my home at 850 Khartib.

"I am very grateful to the SMRT staff and I am very touched by the excellent services rendered by them.  

"At times, the ‘hardware’ - train may encounter occasional breakdown but the ‘software’ – services of the SMRT staff never breaks down!  They are always there when you need them.

"KUDOS to the SMRT staff!"

The Stomper has written an email to SMRT to commend the staff as well. 

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