Thank you Royal Plaza on Scotts staff for giving cookies and water to those queuing for charity buffet at Carousel

Submitted by Stomper Stephanie

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Stomper Stephanie was outside Royal Plaza on Scotts at Orchard yesterday (Feb 18) when two things caught her eye.

First, it was the super-long queue that was formed by customers waiting to dine at Carousel.

The award-winning buffet restaurant was celebrating its 10th anniversary and customers could pay any amount they wished for their meals.

Profits of the event will go to The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund, which supports more than 13,000 children and youths a year in providing them with monthly school pocket money. 

As one would expect, the tantalising deal will attracted many eager diners.

Stephanie said that she heard people started queuing from as early as 6.30am.

After a long queue had formed by noon, the Stomper noticed something else.

She said that staff of Royal Plaza on Scotts were relieving the diners' long wait by handing out cookies and bottles of water.

Said the Stephanie:

"This is service! Royal Plaza has done well!"

Thank you Royal Plaza on Scotts staff for making the long wait more pleasant for the diners!