Thank you kind soul who returned man's wallet after he left it behind at Ubi Ave 1 coffeeshop

Stomper Anthony feels grateful for a kind woman who went out of her way to return the wallet his father had left behind at a coffeeshop in Ubi Avenue 1 Block 304 on Sunday (July 3).

The Stomper said his dad had his lunch at that coffeeshop but he accidentally dropped his wallet there. 

He did not realise that he had left his wallet behind until after he had already left that place.

"Thankfully, a kind soul picked it up and went out of her way to return it, with all its contents intact, to our place in Simei," said Anthony. 

"She even left without leaving her name or contact number," added the Stomper.

"It's a long shot, but we'd like to post this thank you note here to show our gratitude and appreciation to this wonderful lady's kind gesture!"