Thank you kind soul, who left parking coupons on multiple cars after seeing 'summon uncle' at Zion Rd

Submitted by Stomper TanCK

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Stomper TanCK wishes to thank the kind individual who left additional parking coupons on his and other vehicles after spotting a parking attendant at Zion Road.

The Stomper said he had gone to the food court at Zion Road for a meal with his friends.

Upon returning to his car, he saw an additional half-hour parking coupon on his windscreen.

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"The attendant was on the prowl but could not book any cars as I saw another vehicle that had been saved as well, just like mine," said the Stomper. 

"Being saved from a parking ticket is one thing but to know that there are people like that simply makes my world a better place."

"Thank you to this kind soul."