S'pore punks bust stereotypes by visiting children's home to donate a month's worth of dry goods

To many people, punks may be seen as intimidating due to their different dress-ups and appearances.

However, they do have a charitable side, as local punks Muhd Hanis and friends showed when they visited PERTAPIS Children's Home for a second time. 

They did so in order to interact with the kids there and bring them dry goods as donations. 

According to the Coconuts Singapore and from Hanis' Facebook post, it can be seen that the children had a great time and even requested to visit again in the future. 

Quoting Hanis from his post: "Sometimes we overlook what we have over the things that we want.

"It is a wonder how someone who has less, could be a lot happier than those who have more."

He also encouraged others to make a difference and to check out the PERTAPIS Children's Home website

Indeed, this group of punks showed us that caring for others is something all of us can do.