Man touched by talent and sorrow of uncle playing harmonica outside Church Of St Bernadette

Submitted by Stomper Andy

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Stomper Andy's heart goes out to an uncle who regularly visits his church, The Church Of St Bernadette at Zion Road.

According to Andy, the uncle is seen on the church grounds playing a harmonica once or twice a week.

The man apparently visits the church to seek financial help.

From what the Stomper understands, the uncle stays with a friend and walks with a limp.

He had a toe recently removed because he suffers from diabetes.

Andy tells Stomp:

"He does not receive much, around $10 each time.

"But he says that he is always waiting for help from other avenues."

Andy is especially touched by the music the uncle plays.

He adds:

"As he plays the harmonica, I can see there is pain and sorrow in his eyes.

"Music is a way to heal the soul I guess.

"I just wanted to share how this uncle is a talented man and needs help.

"I hope a kind soul out there can help him."