Look how many motorists go to help biker hurt in accident

Valentine's Day was not just about love for your spouse, but love for your fellow human beings. Just ask these motorists, who rushed to the aid of a motorcyclist hurt in an accident.

A clip posted on Roads.sg yesterday (Feb 14) shows the biker crashing after trying to avoid another biker at a traffic junction.

He tumbled to the road and lay there, prompting the other motorcyclist to run over to help him.

The driver of the vehicle that contained the dash-cam that recorded the incident, and a trailer driver also ran over to help the injured biker.

A driver who was making a turn from the opposite direction also stopped his car.

The driver and his two passengers got out of the car to help move the injured biker and his motorcycle as well.

All of these good Samaritans also helped to warn oncoming drivers about the debris on the road, before helping to clear said debris.