Kudos to these S'pore 'punks' for helping the needy

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Punks and skinheads are part of the undergound scene and are often looked down on by the rest of society.

Stomper Fiqo shared photos of a group of 'punks' going against stigma and conducting a self-funded charity drive near Tekka Centre last Saturday (July 23).

Said the Stomper:

"Many people look down on people from the underground scene as violent and always breaking the law. 

"But actually they aren't. 

"Here you can see they are doing a charity drive helping the needy around Singapore to contribution back to society."

Fiqo said that the kind-hearted group have been giving out goody bags they bought with their own money to the poor and elderly every weekend for a few months now.

He added:

"They will take time to do this whenever they are free or off work."