Kudos to passers-by who helped injured rider at Empress Rd: One even uses sarong as makeshift bandage

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Stomper Nana saw many passers-by help a rider who was injured after his motorcycle collided with a car at Empress Road at around 6am yesterday (July 2).

The Stomper said skin had peeled off the rider's head due to the impact of the accident.

Nana also said the rider was dazed and unaware about the extent of his injuries.

"He thought that his condition was ok, but it was not," said the Stomper.

The ambulance arrived about 18 minutes later, added Nana, who wished to thank the passers-by who helped the accident victim.

"The guy in the white shirt guy and songkok is an off duty officer SCDF personnel and he did a great job," said the Stomper.

"He immediately took of the sarong he was wearing and covered hiis wound when he saw that the rider's head was cut open."

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